It’s a Release! Cross Manage Chapter 10!

Cross Manage 10 [Download] or [Reader]

Hey everyone, it’s been quite awhile since our last release and I’d like to address some of the questions asked during that time.

Pumpkin Scissors – Aizen-sensei seems to have taken it upon himself to pick up the slack and translate PS. Our translator Ningen has said that he still wishes to work on it. Regardless, you should probably keep reading Aizen-sensei’s releases while we figure out what we want to do.

Love Tyrant – Everyone has been asking us when the next chapter of Love Tyrant will be released. The translator working on this project, Benriya, has said that he should be able to start translation within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Cross Manage – We have a new translator working on this project.

Hi everyone! Crux here! I’m said new Cross Manage translator. And I come bearing good news and bad news.

Good News: We got Cross Manage translated up through chapter 14 (yaaaaay).

Bad News: Real life is a thing, so said chapters aren’t cleaned or typeset (booooo). Said scans are also pretty low quality: it’s not just a matter of changing levels in the image and erasing text in speech bubbles.

So we could REALLY use some more help. If you can clean and/or typeset, and you want faster releases, come on in! If we get enough people on board and haul ass, I’m sure we could get bi-weekly releases of this series AT LEAST.

(Bonus points if you can rotate the images while keeping it from getting that weird pixely look. I’m sure most of you are wondering why some pages are turned weirdly – that’s why.)

If you would like to help contribute please feel free to use the email form to contact us. Help is always appreciated!

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Pumpkin Scissors Vol.8 Chapter 28!

Merry Christmas!

Hidey ho, everyone. Have a happy holiday and enjoy this new chapter of Pumpkin Scissors.

Pumpkin Scissors 28 [Download] or [Reader]

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Mel Kano 34-00 (prototype)

Mel Kano 34 [Download] or [Reader]
Mel Kano 00 [Download] or [Reader]

Thanks for reading Mel Kano.

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Cross Manage 08-09, Mel Kano 33

Cross Manage 08 [Download] or [Reader]
Cross Manage 09 [Download] or [Reader]
Mel Kano 33 [Download] or [Reader]
This chapter of Mel Kano is really short. Just one more chapter and an extra and we’re done.

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Love Tyrant 10

Love Tyrant 10 [Download] or [Reader]

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Mel Kano 32 and Pumpkin Scissors 27

Mel Kano 32 [Download] or [Reader]
Pumpkin Scissors 27 [Download] or [Reader]

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Mel Kano 31

Mel Kano 31 [Download] or [Reader]

Here’s the next chapter enjoy. I died a little inside doing this chapter…
And to those asking when is ________ going to be released, It’s whenever I am given it. Benriya has disappeared somewhere so no translations there and Pumpkin Scissors is translated and getting typeset by Crux.

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